Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Art Town Ely, Nevada Murals are a must see


Ely, Nevada on the Eastern end of US 50  - the loneliest highway - boasts a superb mural tour. The little town hosted the 2004 Global Mural Convention which attracted artists from many countries. Some painted murals alongside local artists. The murals depict numerous aspects of the cultures and industries that built the area, e.g. the Basque shepherds,  the pony express and mining. It's a great example of wonderful public art bringing life to a small town. Mark Ely, Nevada on your bucket list, it's a great experience. Close by is the beautiful Great Basin National Park. Plus driving Hwy 50 is an experience of stark beauty and endless vistas. For more info check out the website and Nevada website

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Art Town - Trinidad, Colorado


Trinidad, Colorado, sits right on the NE border of New Mexico, you get to experience the mountains and the plains. It's a funky, lively town and has a great art and crafts vibe. Home to everything from fine arts to jaw-dropping art cars to fun public art. The esteemed organisation, ArtSpace, is restoring a historic building in to a performance arts facility plus building a block of live & work artist apartments on the edge of town near the old train depot. There's fabulous outdoor adventures and drives in the surrounding area with a long history in mining. Much of the public art pays homage to their mining history.

Check out the website and add it to your list of must visit art spots! Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Art Town Silver City, New Mexico


Tucked in to the foothills in SW New Mexico near the Arizona border is a delightful old Western town, Silver City. It's historic district is a creative dream. Lots of studios, galleries, cafes, restaurants and great public art. They host biannual art weekends and much more. The revitalization has retained the character of the town and includes green space. It's added bonus to the arts and crafts is the surrounding area. The dramatic and stunning Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, Aldo Leopold Wilderness, historic Fort Bayard and the amazing Cat Walk amoung the attractions. Plan on staying a few days to enjoy and experience it all. 

Check the website and put it on your 'to go to' list!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Maryland artist takes books to another level

Images courtesy of the artist
Maryland artist Judy Folkenberg's book creations know no bounds. She collects all kinds of wonderful things and then "plays with them." Her playing with bits of drift wood or a bobbin from an antique store end up as astonishingly beautiful, and often, colourful books. Each one a treasure. Check out her website and link on her other social media from there. You will be enchanted - enjoy!


Image courtesy of the artist