Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Get your State involved!

Last year the American Craft Week Star Award for Exceptional Support from the Public Sector went to the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD.) A well deserved award. TDTD supports Tennessee Craft Week (check out one of their fabulous videos below) with an annual monetary sponsorship - and this makes a big difference. State support can really make an impact on the craft & arts industry. And the craft and arts industry is a big money earner for states. It should be a natural partnership.
Find out how your state is involved in promoting the creative economy and what more they could do. Raise awareness - a creative community enriches every day life. Make sure people discover, and joins, American Craft Week - ACW highlights the crafts on a national scale. Help us, help your state and help local crafts and artists! 
And mark your calendar for 4-13 October 2019 for this is our 10th anniversary. It's special!

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