Monday, October 1, 2018

Gatlinburg, Tenn., rates high on the Top Ten List..and so does the whole state!

A Gatlinburg crafter demonstrates his craft
Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, a setting perfectly suited to get the creative juices going, Gatlinburg in Tennessee is proud to be on the American Craft Week's Top Ten Craft Towns this year. And rightly so...there's crafts, arts and music in the air - and on land - there. In fact, not only Gatlinburg boasts tons of creative outlets. the whole state is artistic! So, with so much going on around there, this tip might make it easier for you:
Go to the ACW participant page and get the Tennessee list from there...another great resource is the Tennessee Craft Week website. Yes, the state has a statewide craft week in conjunction with American Craft Week - isn't that fabulous? Please support them all for their great efforts and ENJOY this American Craft Week 2018 in Tennessee. And a big bravo to Gatlinburg for making the 2018 top ten list.

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