Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Have fun at Pine Lake Fest, Georgia during American Craft Week!

The first weekend of October 6-7 is the start of the best best week American Craft Week and if you're in the area, it's time to head to the Pine Lake Fest in Georgia....

Just North of Atlanta, and one of Georgia’s smallest cities but they host a big event, Pine Lake is a haven for artists. Now in its 18th year, Pine LakeFest curates a group of 50 artists and crafts people of all disciplines to display their wares within view of the lake.
Go enjoy the crafts like Unique Craft Baskets and Peace of Thread... there's many more... metal work, glass work and there's paintings and photography.
Don't forget the music, the food and the fun. Check out all that's on offer, plus the times and directions on the Pine Lake Fest website
   And have a great time during American Craft Week at the Pine Lake Fest!

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