Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Inspiring Ideas
for your successful ACW event

Maine Crafts Association tells ACW that one of its best tools for Maine Craft Weekend’s success is a separate website dedicated to the event. According to, “Maine Craft Weekend (MCW), a statewide tour of Maine craft studios, breweries, businesses and events, is an opportunity for the public to explore the life and work of craft artists and craft brewers in Maine. MCW is a public, educational, community oriented, family friendly weekend October 3 + 4, 2015. MCW is scheduled in conjunction with American Craft Week, a nationwide event promoting craft events each October.”

The website is slick and simple, and serves two audiences: the public planning their visit and artists participating in the event.

Here are some inspiring ideas for your own dedicated event website:
  • Google map of event/participant locations
  • Featured profiles of select artists
  • Submission form for artists to register their participation
  • Testimonials from participants stating how the event was successful and beneficial to them
  • Downloadable promotional materials for participants such as posters, postcards and yard signs
  • Sponsor and grantor logos and/or advertising
  • Links to ACW website, local visitors bureaus and restaurants
  • Short description of ACW, which ties your event to a larger movement
  • ACW logo

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