Friday, August 22, 2014

Event Ideas: Empty Bowl (or Mug)

Our participants are always looking for new ways to celebrate American Craft Week this year. Here's a fun idea...

ZIG ZAG Gallery in Centerville, OH holds their annual Soup for CERF+, An Empty Bowls Event during American Craft Week. For a $10 donation customers get a handmade ceramic bowl filled with soup donated by local restaurants. It's a great fundraiser that their customers look forward to every year & raises money for a great cause.

For a little something different, instead of an empty bowl event, how about having an empty mug event? This would be particularly great in a colder climate. Use crock pots or coffee urns for people to fill their purchased mugs with coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider.

Whatever charity you decide to pair up with, make sure you ask them to send an announcement to their supporters and to post it on their Facebook page. And don't forget that press release to all of your local news outlets!

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