Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes, a “Good Instigator” is all you need to make American Craft Week a winning formula for craft artists and retailers.  In this case, look to the Kentucky Arts Council for its role as a catalyst for Kentucky involvement in ACW. 

Through its KentuckyCrafted program, the Arts Council provides marketing and promotion assistance to Kentucky craft artists.  You can easily spot the graphic green and white Kentucky Crafted tags on beautiful hand-made items in galleries and shops.

Many shops in Kentucky and surrounding states carry a large inventory of Kentucky Crafted merchandise, and the with the help of Ed Lawrence, the Council’s Arts Marketing Director, these shops are given an opportunity to participate in American Craft Week compliments of the Council.  There are now twenty-five interesting and unique venues for ACW events in Kentucky and several more in adjoining states.

Hats off to Kentucky, its craft artists, retailers and Arts Council!  You are making your talents known to the world.

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